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Thread: 12 Ft Telemaster at Clover Creek Aerodrome

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    12 Ft Telemaster at Clover Creek Aerodrome

    This weekend I had the extreme pleasure of taking the 12 FT Telemaster to Clover Creek Aerodrome in Toone, TN. the home of the ToC CloverCreek Invitational. The competition was held there two weeks ago but this weekend was the first Fun Fly hosted by owner JohnSchroder. John has transformed a sod farm into a magnificent world class RC flying site.
    I don't know how to begin to describe this flying site. Itis located in a beautiful country/farm setting in Toone TN. It has two perpendicular grass runways that would put most green keepers to shame. I don't know how long the runways are but the one we used this weekend was by far the longest I have ever flown from. If youGoogle Clover Creek Aerodrome you see what I am trying to describe.
    The runway length was wasted on the Telemaster, as I demonstrated full flap takeoff's in 3 feet at half throttle. There were not many children so I did not do a candy or parachute drop but I did demonstrate the Telemaster's landing and takeoff capabilities to the crowd. On landing with flaps, touch downs and 3 of 4 foot roll outs are the program. I don't fly this airplane as often as I might like to but It's so much fun when I do.
    There was a lot of interest and questions in the pits while I was getting the Telemaster ready to fly. People did not know the airplane is still in production or know that they make an ARF. So many people surprised to find it is electric and not gas powered especially when they see the performance the electric power provides.
    Nothing flies like a Telemaster!
    Al Larson
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