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Thread: Great deal, or is it ??

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    Great deal, or is it ??

    A friend of mine is getting back into RC flying after manyyears of being away from the hobby. Before he joined a club he started lookingat RC web sites and found a lot of dealers on line mostly on the West Coast selling Styrofoam airplanes at what seems like great inexpensive prices. He ordered a large Pitts Special and a B-17 from one of these dealers that happens to have a terrible reputation for lack of customer service. He assembled the Pitts and ran it at home before going to the flying field only to smoke a motor for no apparent reason. Due to the lack of customer or tech service he bought an aftermarket motor. This motor also smoked along with the ESC. He now replaced the motor again and the ESC. He brought it out to the flying field for me to test fly. It flew OK, not great but OK. About 4 minutes into the flight it started streaming smoke and I had no control of the airplane. It had smoked the ESC big time. The airframe was damaged enough to require a lot of little parts, cabane struts and a wing. The dealer that sold this airplane does not sell parts so my friend bought another complete airplane.

    He now has somewhere between $500 and $600 dollars into this plane and it still has not flown successfully.

    Another friend bought an EDF jet from a company outside ofthe United States, pretty jet but while on the workbench it smoked the servo-less retracts. This company has customer service but you have to send the airplane back to them in Asia.

    This is not meant to be anti-foamy, I have a foam F-86 EDF thatI have been flying for two seasons and it is still going strong.

    What I'm am trying to say is before you buy anything on line talk to fellow club members, take advantage of their experiences. Do some research on a company's reputation before you get on line and order from them. You may be able to find a somewhat similar item cheaper somewhere else BUT check their reviews, will they stand behind their products, are spare parts available, and do they offer tech support?

    The extra 10 minutes you spend doing this can save you a lotof money in the long run. Cheaper is not always better the better deal in the long run.

    Anyone who has purchased anything from Hobby Lobby and may have had a issue will attest to Hobby Lobby's great customer service. They not only stand behind their products but also have great technical service available to you. Stick to a company with a known track record and you will save money and aggravation in the long run.

    Al Larson
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