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Thread: Need to know the best set up for Sig 1/5 Scale J-3 Cub.

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    Need to know the best set up for Sig 1/5 Scale J-3 Cub.

    I building a Sig 1/5 scale J-3 Cub. I want to use an Axi Outrunner motor. I need to know, the best set up for this cub and motor. What motor sixe, ESC, battery, Propeller and any other thing I need to make this happen. I’m new to electric and want to do the best for flying this cub electric.
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    Just click on the highlighted words :)

    This , and this AXI 4120/14 with adaptor would be a great fit for that J-3 along with this 65 amp ESC 5 cell battery with a 12x 8 prop.
    Standard servos would do you fine. Here
    Don't forget the charger!

    Hope this helps!
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