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Thread: Can you recommend a beginner plane for me please?

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    Can you recommend a beginner plane for me please?

    I am looking for a RC plane for building. I am 14. Can you recommend a plane for me please?
    I'm a beginner but I built models before.

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    Well if your looking for a trainer plane to fly then we have a couple options for you.

    this is a Champ RTF
    Champ RTF Ultra-Micro from Hobby Lobby

    If your looking for something a little bigger.
    Firebird Stratos RTF from Hobby Lobby

    And then the largest RTF plane we sell would be:
    Super Cub DSM RTF from Hobby Lobby

    Now if you wanted to build a kit, you can try out our TEL1100 Balsa kit. This is a scratch build kit with wood. Just make sure you look at the "everything you need" section at the bottom.
    Micro-Telemaster Kit V2 from Hobby Lobby

    Hope this helps out!

    Neal Davis / Sales / Technical Support
    phone: (615) 373-1444

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    Tennessee USA | (615) 373-1444 |

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