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Thread: F/A - 18

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    F/A - 18

    Hello, good evening!My name is Klauzineer Moreira,'mBrazilian, and I live in Rio de Janeiro. Do not speak your language very wellbut I will try to communicate with you. I really enjoyed the ERC F / A 18ESuper Hornet Jet ARF 90 mm (large) and am interested in buying. You send thatmodel airplane to Brazil? What is the value to send? You have this beautifuljet available at the moment? I have a digital transmitter futaba 6 channel (6XA FAST). Can I use this transmitter to fly this jet f-18 or I need to buyanother transmitter?I await your answers.Thank you and congratulations foryour store.

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    Sorry, we cannot send the F-18 to Brazil.

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