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Thread: Need plans for stick-built Telemaster 40

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    Need plans for stick-built Telemaster 40

    I bought a Telemaster 40 kit around 1999. This was the stick built kit with a box of balsa and plywood, and plans and directions. I completed about 3/4 of the project within a year and a half. Then we moved, and it stayed packed away. Then we moved several more times, with it always tagging along in it's very large box. Wings are near done, fusealage is well along, and tail feathers are the same. Was installing the first control rods in fueslage when work halted. I had forgotten it for around 10 years.

    Now my youngest son (16) is getting the flying bug and has met an older gentleman who has offered to help him, and we have a nice grass flying field, especially for RC, about 2 miles away and useable anytime we want it. He is getting the bug and has gotten me to drag my old Telemaster out to see what I need to do to finish it. I have the radio, receiver, servos, control rods and many other things needed to complete. But.......

    I am missing the plans for the wings and fuselage, as they were pinned onto building boards that were left along the way someplace, anyway they are no longer with me. There is enough wing and fuselage work left that I really need the plans. I would appreciate it if someone had a set they no longer needed and would sell to me, or tell me where/how I might be able to obtain a copy of the original plans.

    I have seen several of these fly and think it is a great aircraft. I have had my heart set on a 12 ft Telemaster if I ever get this 40 built and fly it sucessfully.


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    Here's the closest thing we have. The design might be a little different from the original, but should be close enough to get you going. Plans and Ribs for Scratch Built Telemaster 40 from Hobby Lobby

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    Contact me at HL. I still have the files and can get you a set of the original Telemaster 40 Plans. I'm going from memory but I think they are about $20.

    Mike H

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