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Thread: Questions regarding older kit of the Sr. Telemaster...

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    Questions regarding older kit of the Sr. Telemaster...

    I am currently building the older kit of the Sr. Telemaster and will be using an electric motor for power. I have just reviewed the HL site for the new kit and see a picture of a most interesting motor mount for your electric version. What is the part number for that mount and where can I purchase one? I like how you have mounted the controller on the mount so it will get the proper cooling.
    I also like the idea of mounting the servos in the stabilizer and may see if that will work on the older kit.

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    That mount is plywood parts that come in the kit and get built. It is not available separately. You could build your own plywood box or use this motor mount from Model Motors Aluminum Motor Mount for AXI 41 Series Motors from Hobby Lobby

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