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Thread: I have a set of controlls with the transmitter missing

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    I have a set of controlls with the transmitter missing

    I have everything needed for an re plane except the transmitter(Iguess that is what it is called) I know absolutely nothing on this subject it will become quite obvious.It is marked AUTO-CRAFT HY-5RN Narrow Band Receiver 72MHz ithas a crystal marked CH48 72.750RA D on the other side it has FCC ID;BBG7VZ 4000 Challenger 4000 it has 5 channels also has three servos and a battery pack with a seperate on-off switch.

    Someone out there may know what I have and can tell mewhat I need for controlling it??????????????????



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    No way to know what transmitter will work with that one. You may be better off buying a modern system. You can get a 5 channel radio and receiver for only $99. 5 Channel Radio Systems: Spektrum, Hitec, JR Transmitters from Hobby Lobby

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