I purchased the FA-18e 90mm electric ducted fan jet from Hobby Lobby.
I experienced motor failure that apparently burnt up the speed controller and ducted fan unit as well. I have already received a new FA-18e replacement motor and ducted fan from Hobby Lobby and am currently waiting for the shipment of the 85 amp speed controller.

The problem is the new FA-18e motor (erc1810a) at some point was changed to a 6mm diameter shaft. The old motor and fan supplied with the jet originally were for 5mm diameter shaft. The new ducted fan unit (erc1512) I ordered from HL still fits the old 5mm diameter shaft. So the new motor and ducted fan unit you shipped me do not fit each other and I am unable to make repairs to the jet.

Is there a ducted fan replacement part that fits the new 6mm diameter motor shaft? Please advise.