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Thread: Help with Blade Scout CX

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    Help with Blade Scout CX

    One of my friends gave me his Blade Scout CX and he told me it just needed batteries. I put new batteries in the controller and a new one in the helicopter. I put the new helicopter battery into the transmitter to charge (Transmitter was off) and I got a solid red light on the transmitter then about 3 minutes later it started blinking and then turned off, so I figured it was fully charge. I plugged the battery into the heli which made a red led light start flashing very quickly then I grabbed the transmitter and held down the right thumb stick (makes the heli turn) and turned on the controller on then waited 3 seconds before letting go of the thumb stick, the transmitter made a beeping sound everytime the "charging light" would blink on the transmitter, then the led on the transmitter and heli turned off.
    When I tried to fly the helicopter it took off sideways and just crashed, I tried to fly it 3 more times and it did the same thing each time. On the fourth attempt, I gave it throttle and the heli made a high pitch squealing sound so I thought maybe the batter was dead. I grabbed my 2nd brand new battery and repeated the same exact steps I tried previously. I got the same results, except this time I turned the controller off before the heli and the blades kept spinning pretty fast and by the time I could get the battery un-plugged, the top propeller was dangling with 1 piece holding onto it (looks like a line with a circle on each end like this, O---O ) Any ideas how to fix the propeller and how to get the heli to work?

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    Sounds like you have several issues there. Your best bet would be to take it to a Hobby Shop so they can look at it and see what parts you need. You'll need some parts for the blade holders and likely have a stripped gear or loose screw where the motor connects to the main gear that makes the blades spin.

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    Yeah, I was thinking about taking it in today to have it looked at. It was treated a little rough by my friend so I wouldn't be surprised if it needs a few parts. Thanks for the help!

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