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    Slow Flight
    I have been flying RC since 1972. Before that I flew control line until one day someone showed up with a single channel RC airplane. Rudder only! That was the end of flying in circles for me.
    I went out and bought a used Heath Kit 4 channel 27 MHz radiofor $225.00 that was a lot of money in 1972. For those of you that are too young to remember, Heath Kit made electronic kits of everything from a color TV to radio control. You had to build everything yourself. You opened the box and it was circuit boards and components.
    My next radio was an 8 channel Heath($425.00) which took a long time to build even though I worked on full sized aircraft radios for a living. It took about 6 hours to build each servo.
    Like every aspiring RC pilot I wanted a to fly a P-51 or something like that but you have to crawl before you can walk or run. I have lost count of the number of people I have taught to fly RC and most are in such a hurry to fly fighters and the like.
    My first RC airplane was a balsa and foam De Havilland Beaver with an Enya .25 engine. I moved up to a Stick and in all these years Ihave flown everything from Sailplanes, Cubs up to fighters to electric ducted fans. I had my chance to fly airplanes that were so fast they were hard to keep up with.
    My fleet now consists of a P-47, Yak 55, Extra 300L Ultimate Biplane and a Rascal 110 all gas powered, a SR. Telemaster, 12 FT Telemaster numerous ducted fans and other various electric powered airplanes.
    I now have my choice to burn holes in the sky or get out one of the Telemasters and just kick back for some extreme SLOW FLIGHT. I have found that many times I have the most enjoyable flying days just lazily cruising the sky in slow flight, doing touch and goes for hours.
    My point is sometimes getting back to basics can be just as much fun as flying the latest, greatest or fastest airplanes. So if you are a new pilot enjoy this time in your RC flying career or if you are an old timer like me get back to basics once in a while to help you appreciate even more the days you are burning those hole in the sky.

    Al Larson
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