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Thread: Please help with my P-47 Wicked Wabbit...

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    Please help with my P-47 Wicked Wabbit...

    the plane in question is a P-47 wicked wabbit. having put it all together he wanted to test it out. he hooked up battery close bottom of fuselage, and turned on remote controller. went to make the engine go he pushed the throttle forward, as he did smoke started to come from the engine housing, we shut it down instantly. took off the cowl and seen that the small square piece that's hooked to the motor mount was burning. I think it's called a controller, but i'm not sure. the question, what would make that thing burn up like that. we disconnected it from all the other wires and took it out. Again what would make this happen, He got scared that it was on fire, but luckily we stop it right away..please let me know what would cause this, he has not even flown it yet..thank you

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    It could have been a short in the wire or a reverse connection to the battery. Can you post some photos here so we can see it?

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    wicked wabbitt

    have no way of sending you a pic ,sorry. but the piece in question is fried, and it stinks. the battery only hooks up one way as far as we can see...thank you

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    OK, give our service people a call. We may need to replace the ESC for you.

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