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Thread: What is the best upgrade radio for the Blade 120 SR?

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    What is the best upgrade radio for the Blade 120 SR?

    I purchased, for my brother, a Blade 120 sr from you (RTF). He is useing the radio that came with the helicopter until he gets real good. I want to know what would be the best radio upgrade for him, once he learns? He will purchase, in the future, a Blade 300 or Trex 450 collective pitch. So keep that in mind on your recommendation. He heard a Spektrum DX6is can fly any heicopter. Is this true? What servos does he need? This includes the Blade sr 120. He only wants to upgrade once. So please give me your best advice.

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    Good question. If you have a smaller budget, then DX6i is a great choice. If he wants to spend a little more, then that DX8 is a better radio with more options.

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