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Thread: When will TQD550028 and TQD550029 will be in stock?

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    When will TQD550028 and TQD550029 will be in stock?

    Both of these items are out of stock. They are the propeller(s) for the ST550 Bumblebee Quad-copter. Can you tell me when they will be available. This month, next year, never ?
    1. 10x3.8 Tractor Propeller TQD550028
    2. 10x3.8 Pusher Propeller TQD550029

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    Great Question and I don't have great answer at the moment. The factory is working on a new copter that we'll be picking likely in place of the Bumblebee. If the motors stay the same and use those props, then we'll be getting more in. If they change, we'll be moving over to the new props. Still waiting on some answers there.

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