I am emailing to inquire about your products. I've had this hobby for some years and i want to expand my collection. I came across your company on the internet and became interested in your products.
I want to inquire about your:

HTR191240 Hitec Aurora 9 2.4GHz Transmitter, Optima 9 Receiver,
4 HS-5485HB Digital Servos, Full Batteries & Charger

SPM2710 Spektrum DX7 Transmitter, AR7000 Receiver, 4-DS821 Servos

I want to know if the receiver and servos of the above mentioned Transmitters can fit all the models below.

HLA112 Aero Craft 12 FOOT Telemaster Kit

HLA111 Telemaster 40 Balsa Kit

PLT4930 Pilot-1 Waco YKS-6 1/4 Scale ARF

ERC32500 eRC B-25 "Apache Princess"

ERC1500 Eurofighter 360 Thrust Vector ARF

RTM25R5500 Phoenix Pro RC Flight SIM 2.5 w/DX5e Radio