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Thread: cross commands

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    cross commands

    Hi, I'm new in this matter, but I was able to make an RC paddle boat that works the same way as a tank does.
    It also has an arm with two functions.
    I control it with a four channel GWS unit, but when I try to move the arm the signal make the paddle wheels move too. It suppose to happens only with the right hand stick.
    What calibration do I have to do ?
    Please HELP.

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    Hi, We'll need some more information. Please describe exactly what you do and what happens. Would be great if you could post some photos or a video of the setup.

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    cross commands

    Hi Jason, thanks for your help.
    It is an small paddle boat ( 25" x 12") I has 4 paddle wheels , each side moves independent from the other, like a tank, on top it has an arm, like a crane with a jaws at the end.
    For the wheels I used 2 , 12 v brushed drill motors with an Scorpion XL speed control
    for the arm a 12 v brushed motor with an 40 A speed control with reverse (robot market place)
    for the jaws a traxxas 2075 servo plug to the scorpion speed control.
    The transmiter and receiver is a GWS, 4 channel 2.4 GHz, MD2
    Everything works ok, but after a while when I move the arm, or jaws , the motors of the wheels start mooving backwards by themself
    If you can give me any tip, I'll apreciated
    ( I don't know much or nothing about robotics or electronics )

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    Weird, Maybe the arm is plugged into the same channel as the ESC's for the motors? Not sure what else would cause that as I don't think there is any channel mixing available in that radio.

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