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Thread: How do you wire up flexible LED strip lights?

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    How do you wire up flexible LED strip lights?

    Hi Jason,

    I see the 2 solder leads on one end of the light strip HL sold me, but I am not sure about how to wire it up. Each light seems to have a resistor with it, and the LEDs appear to be wired in parallel. One solder lug is marked (+12V) and the other is marked (-). This seems to imply that I have to power a 1 meter strip with 12V. If I cut the length of the strip down, must I still use 12V to get the shortened strip to light up? Can I wire multiple strips together to make a multi-colored string?

    AH-64 D

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    So all you need to do is wire in 12V to the strip, anywhere on the strip and it will work. You can daisy chain multiple strips together by connecting the positive of one strip to the positive of the other and do the same with the negative side, and they will all run off of the single 12V connection.

    On our multi rotor craft, we usually solder in the set of wires from the lights to the ESC battery connector so when we plug in the 3S flight battery, it powers the lights as well as the copter. Hope that helps.

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