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Thread: COG Mini Telemaster

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    COG Mini Telemaster

    Hi, I have just finished building the Mini Telemaster V2 kit. I cannot find the COG anywhere. It is not on the plans, nor is it in the building manual. Why not, who knows? Maybe I should be able to calculate it myself, or maybe it doesn't really matter on this model? Can you please advise me what the correct COg is?

    thanks Dave

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    Hi Dave,
    Weird that it's not in the manual, but it is in the plans. Here's a photo. That symbol is the universal center of gravity symbol and it says "CG" next to it. That is where you should balance the plane. Hope that helps.
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    Thanks Jason for the quick reply. I see it now. I was looking for something more than that, but am now much wiser.

    Thanks again, Dave.

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    Not worries, it really isn't that obvious and it should be in the manual anyway.

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    COG Mini Telemaster

    Hi, Jason,

    Just an update to the COG Mini Telemaster. I have attached a copy of my plans, and it is not on them. My last post was in response to me looking at the plans for the Micro Telemaster, which I also have. I looked at the wrong plans. The COG is marked on the micro plans, but it is definitely not on my copy of the Mini plans.

    It looks like (from your photo) it is just forward of the main spar, so I will work on that.

    thanks Dave.
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    Crazy, He must have added it after the first run then. I opened one of the inventory kits here to look at the plans and take that photo. Sorry it wasn't on yours. You shouldn't have to add lead or do anything special so long as you are using the 2S 2100 size Lipo.

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