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Thread: Thursday August 16th - next Multi-rotor meeting date

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    Thursday August 16th - next Multi-rotor meeting date

    Our next multi-rotor club meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, August 16th, 7pm at the Hobby Lobby Party Room.

    We will be covering "How to setup your transmitter" for the meeting topic. This was the beginners topic from last months meeting that was canceled.
    Come and learn how to setup your transmitters limits, throws, DR, expos and mixers.


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    Will someone at the meeting take good notes?

    In as much as Neal used his knowledge of the 16 August meeting topic to help me set up my transmitter and erc Quad today, I sort of hope someone will take good meeting notes and place them on the Forum. The posted notes of the January meeting were pretty good, suggesting that the August meeting will receive equally good coverage. Thanks.

    AH-64 D

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    We had a great meeting last night with several new guys coming to check it out. One has a brand new unbuilt Cinestar 8! We talked about radio programming and some key things to look out for like end point adjustments and mixing to get all the flight modes available from the different boards. We also took the opportunity to fly in some really nice weather. I brought my custom hexa and FPV station and was able to snap some pics from the air. Enjoy.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC00381.jpeg   DSC00383.jpeg   DSC00384.jpeg  

    DSC00385.jpeg   DSC00386.jpeg   DSC00388.jpeg  

    DSC00389.jpeg   DSC00390.jpeg   DSC00391.jpeg  

    DSC00392.jpeg   DSC00393.jpeg   DSC00396.jpeg  

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    Why not Skype the meetings?

    It sounds like it was a good meeting. Since not everyone interested party can attend, have you considered a webinar format or use of Skype as a way for the rest of us to listen to what was presented?

    AH-64 D

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    Thinking about. Perhaps we can record the meeting and post it here as an audio download.

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