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Thread: Recommend me a charger

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    Recommend me a charger

    I'm considering upgrading to a better charger than the stock ones I currently use. I currently fly micro helis, quads, and micro planes, with future plans to have some larger planes, in the size range of Parkzone's park flyers. At this time, my only battery usage is the 1S batteries, ranging from 120mah, to 600mah. The chargers I use, are the Eflite Celectra 4 port, and the Celectra variable rate single cell. I'd like the new charger to be able to charge all my current batteries, as well as charge the larger packs that are used in park flyers. I also want it to be AC/DC powered, and be able to discharge batteries to storage levels. I've looked at many on line, and, that is what is so confusing, too many to choose from. So, any help picking one would be greatly appreciated.


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