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Thread: Micro Stik elevator servo

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    Micro Stik elevator servo

    Due to time and weather restrictions, I just took my two month old Micro Stik out for it's fourth flight today. I did a ROG take off, out about 30 feet and up about 20. Turning left, I applied a bit of up elevator, then did a twisting loop. As I leveled off, I had climbed to about 30 feet, and gave a bit of down elevator. It kept going down even after releasing the controls, so, I pulled back up hard. Nothing happened, and, I saw the elevator still turned slightly down. Well, the pavement came up fast, resulting in a pretty bad crash for such a light plane. Prop shaft bend, front wing mount and landing gear mount broke at the airframe shaft, and, the board mount broke on one side. The motor/gear box housing had also been rotated 45 degrees, and the front battery holder cracked. I'm setting here waiting on all the epoxy to dry good, before test flying, and, decided to go ahead and test all controls. The elevator servo, when toggling from up to down, will occasionally freeze in a slightly downward position, and, will not go up until after giving full down then pulling up. All the gears look free of burs and debris, so, I'm assuming it's a contact issue of some sort. What things do I need to check for a cause?

    Thanks for any help!


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    Hey David,
    That's would be pretty hard to troubleshoot and fix. Sounds like we need to supply you with a new flight board. PM me your information and order number if you have it and I'll take care of the rest.

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