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Thread: Hobby King Bixler Review - Why you should not buy Ripoffs

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    Hobby King Bixler Review - Why you should not buy Ripoffs

    The Bix!

    On first glance is a direct rip off of the Multiplex Easystar airplane that has been around for ages. The Easystar was geared for beginners, but the Bixler is no beginners plane.

    - The foam work is nice, but the tail section is very flimsy and likely to be broken easily.

    - The servos and ESC all seem to work just fine.

    - The motor is total crap! It has a shaft that is a mile long and was bent right out of the box. This causes the prop to vibrate badly and will likely result in some sort of failure unless fixed. Problem is that it is a glue-on prop adaptor and cannot be easily removed and replaced, especially for a newbie.

    - The plane flew ok, but since it has a flat wing and ailerons, it was not inherently stable and certainly not suitable for a first time pilot.

    As far as the HK service goes. They sent the plane which was supposed to be a RTF version with a transmitter and no receiver. After a few months of going back and forth with them, they claimed to have shipped out a receiver, but it never showed up and I was never provided a tracking number for the shipment. I ended up putting our own radio in it so we could fly it. My guess is that this plane is popular for experienced pilots who want to fly FPV. The Easystar is the gold standard for an FPV platform and since you can buy the Bixler airframe only for about $36, it makes sense that guys are buying this. I feel terrible for any first time pilots buying this to learn to fly with.

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    It is hard to judge a model by its ads - Thanks for the review

    Ads for knockoffs are a poor way to judge the merit of a model. Thanks for putting out the word on the Bix clone. I reached a similar conclusion when I compared a 960 mm Art-Tech P-51 to a 960 mm ParkZone P-51. Even though I already had the ParkZone, I liked the 4-bladed prop and landing gear of the Art-Tech, so I bought it. When it arrived, it turned out to be a LiPo - brushless motor rehash of a brushed motor - NiMH powered model. Its ESC and LiPo were supposed to occupy the same space, but could not, so it took some carving to get everything to fit. Further side by side comparison showed that the ParkZone P-51 was thoughtfully built and serviceable compared to the Art-Tech.

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