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Thread: Please help with eRC 90mm F-18 landing gear.

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    Please help with eRC 90mm F-18 landing gear.

    Hello there, I was having issues with the Erc 90mm F-18 landing gear, and it turns out that it is the triple y harness that is screwed up. I have been attempting to pull this out of the airframe, but I can't find a way to do it that won't completely destroy the airframe, can you guys guide me on this? Also, I ordered new landing gear for this, and one of the mains and the nose gear are starting to wiggle quite a bit already, and I have not had any bad landings with this jet since I got the new gear, is there a way that I can tighten them back up or are they just toast?

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    Not real sure how to help on both fronts. The harness you may be able to just leave it in and use a couple Y harness leads to replace it with. On the landing gear, I would take a close inspection to see if there is a set screw you can tighten up.

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