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Thread: Mig 15 Best Battery Size to use

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    Mig 15 Best Battery Size to use

    Hello everyone, I am anxiously awaiting to maiden the Mig 15 overall nice EDF. I like that it is not as small as the micro jets because they are hard to keep an eye on. I'm thinking of utilizing a few 2100-2200mah packs I already have, but I know it adds some more weight. Does anyone have a tip or advice for this jet... it comes with a 1600mah. I plan on using a piece of round foam caulk backer for a removable brace to keep the battery wedged forward in compartment seems like it will work well. Thanks for any reply!!

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    You can use up to 2200mAh just fine. You'll need to slide it slightly back to keep the CG the same, but it's nice to get some more run time out of it.

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    Thanks a bunch for your reply! Sounds good to me. I have watched your instructional hand launch video a few times and I think it will give me confidence. I have a few older EDF jets(including your freewing F16 360) that are a little worn and always hand launch overhand that seems to work the best for me. I will check the CG I think there is about a 1/4 in area of good balance point. What ever happen to the F16 360 Jet it is such a good flyer although a little beat up still flys well......Might need a part or two??

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    That F-16 was a good one! I guess it just ran its life cycle. This industry seems to be very new product driven which has taken the average lifespan of a product down from where it was years ago. Glad you're still having fun with that one.

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