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Thread: Happy PA-12 Customer

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    Happy PA-12 Customer

    Here's some photos and a note that was mailed to us recently.

    Hello Hobby Lobby
    This is your mid size PA 12 Super Cruiser 70". Instead of going electric I put a Saito 40 s stroke in it. Its not only enough power its plenty. So I fly it about 1/4 throttle. Its a wonderful model and flys so well. Takeoffs and landing are a breeze with right rudder added like the real one. This plane by Pilot One is beautiful and fun, looks and sounds like the real one. I am at our field in Emmett, Idaho.

    Thanks for this great plane.

    Bill Miller.

    P.S. It would fly on a .20 4 stroke perfect!
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    DSC00201.JPG   DSC00202.JPG  

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