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Thread: Can I get a simple modification of the 12 Foot Telemaster ARF?

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    Can I get a simple modification of the 12 Foot Telemaster ARF?

    Iím definitely going to buy one of your 12 foot Telemaster ARF models, but Iím wondering if I can get a single, simple modification. Would it be possible to get it in a single, solid color such as White? Better yet would be to have it all over White with the lower surfaces of the wing and tail in solid Black. I am happy to pay extra for this. The reason I want this color scheme is that I live and fly my models in a very, very hot and sunny desert environment here, and white is the only color that keeps the model from getting too hot when outside (and helps keep all the installed radio and electric power system components from overheating). The dark underside of the wings and tail surfaces helps eliminate glare and reflection from interfering with photography when I am using my DSLR camera on a home made mount on the model. Iíve already done this with a Senior Telemaster, and it works really well, but itís a lot of work to strip off the factory covering and have to cover it all over again in the white/black scheme.

    I would be very happy to order more than one like this if it will help make it a more attractive offer (I have a friend who would buy another one from me right away if I get two of them).

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    Hey There,
    That is something we can likely get done as a special order. It will take a couple of months to get it here. We would need a 50% deposit on the kit to get it started with the factory.

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