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Thread: MIG 15 Aileron Servo Centering

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    MIG 15 Aileron Servo Centering

    Was wonder if there is a procedure for centering aileron servo control horn in the wing panels. they come shipped with the control horn down in the servo pocket. need to have the horn up for linkage installation. do you remove servo and reattach arm or turn on radio and let it self center and or just manually move servo arm up don't want to strip servo?? everything else is straight forward so far any help appreciated soon build is about done!! Thanks

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    Its my recollection that you can bind your receiver, plug in your aileron servo, and it should center with the arm up, or if you are using 72mhz plug in your aileron servo and turn on receiver and radio which the servo should still center, if neither one of these center your servo then you may have to try and remove it from its slot...If you pry gently with a long flat screwdriver it should pop loose, its held in with what appears to be a caulking material, when your done and need to put it back you can either epoxy it in or if it still fits tight I put a piece of box tape over the servo, out both sides far enough to hold it in place, it should be tight though.

    Hope this helps,


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    CK Thanks for the great reply! The aileron servoes centered perfectly just as you indicated. THANKS Again!

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