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Thread: Adhesive for Mini Super Cub (Bulkhead to Foam Fuselage)

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    Adhesive for Mini Super Cub (Bulkhead to Foam Fuselage)

    I am now teaching my wife to fly the Mini super Cub (blind leading the blind...) and she impacted into the roof of a shed. The plan hit prop first, partially separating the bulkhead from the fuselage. The top is still tight, but the lower part of the bulkhead is partially pulled away. I can push it back in and it lines up, but it seems to need some adhesive to hold it in that postion.

    The factory adhesive looks a bit like a white caulk. What should I use to re-glue the bulkhead into the fuselage?



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    You can use 5 minute epoxy for that.

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