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Thread: Can you help me? I need a 3.2 millimeter collet...

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    Can you help me? I need a 3.2 millimeter collet...

    Please review my question below regarding converting a Turbo folding prop spinner.

    Convert from:
    Reference (a): Part Number DKT4040.

    Convert to:
    Reference (b): Part Number DKT4031.

    Part number for 3.2 millimeter collet is unknown.

    I wish to convert a 40 mm Turbo (folding prop) Spinner (Reference (a)) from a 4 mm shaft...

    to one that fits a 3.2 mm shaft by swapping out the collet. This should in effect convert the Turbo spinner into Refference (b).
    Please let me know if all I need is the 3.2 millimeter Collet to replace the 4.0 mm collet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Cole View Post
    We do have several 3.2mm collet adapters here Propeller Adapters: Prop Adapters for RC Motors from Hobby Lobby
    Thank you for responding. I am familiar with that page of the Hobby-Lobby web site. I have looked at the photos and believe none will suffice. The 4mm collet I have is from a DKT4040 Turbo Spinner with folding prop. The collets shown on the referenced web site are of a different configuration. I will assume at this time that the 3.2 collet c/t the DK4032 spinner assembly is not orderable separately and there is no part number available to the general public. I am ok with that. The machining tolerance and/or the manufacturing process may not lend to swapping of parts from spinner to spinner as is the case with many "made-on-assembly" parts. I will have to wait for a complete assembly DKT4032 to become available. Thanks again for your time.

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