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Thread: My second Euro Fighter

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    My second Euro Fighter

    Euro fighter V2
    I bought my second Euro Fighter from Hobby Lobby, this time a version 2 and flew it today for the first time. I have been adding detail to the airplane such as weathering and cockpit detail. Today the weather was so good I could not wait anymore to fly it. I forgot how much fun this airplane is. The new electronic landing gear is a great addition, this is what the airplane needed. The new gear make grass runways a non-event. I always tried to baby the landings with the old style gear but they did not hold up very well to the grass.

    I took off at high rates and just left it there, I usually fly this way with most of my planes. On take-off the Euro Fighter handles well and accelerates briskly even on grass. When she gets to flying speed just give it a blip of up and it will climb out with authority. After a few clicks of trim I did some loops, split S's, high rate rolls and high alpha low speed passes. The Euro Fighter handled them all with grace. The vectored thrust makes high alpha low speed passes possible. As for performance, this jet has plenty of power. I have been flying 64mm and 70mm EDF's and they fly well but the Euro Fighter has power to spare. It is so nice to make a high speed pass and point the aircraft straight up and not bleed off the energy in the first 50 feet, this thing just keeps going uphill. This is a very stable flying platform. I made a full power low pass across the runway and spectators say it was at 1 foot or lower altitude. Anyway it felt comfortable, I don't usually do this on the first flight of a new airplane but it handled so well I could not help myself.

    Landings are easy if you remember to manage the decent with power. Slow down on the downwind leg, managing power not to slow down too much as you turn on to final. With the nose high attitude, manage your decent with power .The Euro fighter lands best if you keep power on right down to touchdown and you will be rewarded with a nice landing on the main gear. This airplane will tell you when the canards are about to stall, you will feel the nose start to drop. This is where the power management comes into play. Be careful not to use too much power as that big delta wing does like to float a little.

    If you want a big, highly detailed EDF the Hobby Lobby Euro Fighter or the F-18 are a great choice.

    This is not a first EDF but with a little experience on the 64mm F-86 or Mig 15 it is a great step up to a 90mm full function jet.

    Thanks Hobby Lobby for another great airplane.
    Al Larson
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