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Thread: electric telemaster V1

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    electric telemaster V1

    I bought an electric telemaster a couple of years ago, and enjoy flying with it, but I've always put the CG far in front (about 4"), and I was always thinking I flew "nose-heavy".
    Now I 've read the manual of the V2 version, and 've seen that the CG has to be located between 3.5 and 4;5 inches (V1 was between 4.25 - 5 inches).
    So my question is : what is the correct location of the CG? (since both versions are the same shape and size, I think)
    Also: will my V1 fly also with 4 cells and smaller prop?

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    The CG range listed in the new manual is just the recommended setting. Feel free to adjust it to your liking. Because of the lifting tail, the Telemaster has a much larger flyable CG range than just about any other airplane.

    What motor do you have?

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