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Thread: Cover Planning 3-view

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    Cover Planning 3-view

    Any chance we could get a simple 3-view of the bare bones view on the cover of the build book? Would sure make laying out different covering patterns easy.
    Larry Bowen
    Sunny Florida

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    I'll check and see if we can come up with that.

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    Thanks for checking Jason. Got my kit Tues afternoon and all I can say is WOW! This kit looks really sweet. I'll get a real good start on it this evening. Hope to have both wings framed-up by Sunday eve. It's supposed to rain or be hot as heck anyway.
    Thanks for a gorgeous kit, Hobby Lobby,
    Larry Bowen
    Sunny Florida

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    We only have the plans at the moment so no 3-view drawings. We might be able to get something made from that though.

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    I must apologize for asking for those drawings as I had not received my kit yet so I did not know of the drawings on the plan sheet. I will just have to draw in the sheeting and open bay areas on them. They will do just fine and thanks again.
    Larry Bowen
    Sunny Florida

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