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Thread: I am considering buying an AXI Gold 2208/34 motor, plus a Castle Thunderbird 18 and c

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    I am considering buying an AXI Gold 2208/34 motor, plus a Castle Thunderbird 18 and c

    I am considering buying an AXI Gold 2208/34 motor, plus a Castle Thunderbird 18 and couple of propellers, for an AeroWorks Extra 260 plane kit.

    Please advise whether your motors come with a mount and the appropriate screws and with a propeller adapter.

    If I have to get an adapter, I need to know which one will suit best to fit an APC SF propeller to this motor.

    Thunder Power batteries: The 1350mAh 3S 11.1V 25C is ideal for this set–up but I see you list it as out of stock – when might they be available again? The 1300mAh 3S 11.1V 45C could be an alternative although it would be too long to fit the battery slot on the two planes I am setting up [details below] and would need to be strapped on the side of the fuselage. Tell me though, would this 45C discharge battery push too much power for the proposed setup with a Thunderbird 18 and the 2208/34 motor?

    And queries re shipping – if I opt for the cheaper international shipping method, USPS Priority Mail International, is it trackable via the USPS web site? And can you give me a rough idea how long it takes to get shipments to Australia

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    Hi, you would need the radial mount kit that comes with the motor mount and prop adapter. USPS does have a tracking number and they say it can take up to 45 days to arrive, but it is usually there within a couple of weeks.

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    Lipo availability

    Thanks for your guidance. Doubt I would have found it, which may be a hint to include completion options with the listings of your motors. But that raises another issue - I can get by with a 3.2mm adapter [Code: HLAN2403] but it does not have a propeller nut ... and when I search through the Dubro line-up there is no indication of what diameter adapter shaft they will fit. Or there is the collet adapter [Code: MJ4702], which also has no propeller nut, and in any event is out of stock until the end of the month. This is not real helpful. In fact, you could say we are flying blind.

    Just one other thing - when do you expect to have the THP 3S 1350 25C Lipos in stock?
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