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Thread: Removing spinner and prop on Mini Super Cub RTF

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    Removing spinner and prop on Mini Super Cub RTF

    I have nicked up the prop a bit on my new RC plane, and want to change the prop. It isn't immediately apparant to me how to remove the spinner, and I don't want to just start yanking on things.

    Does it simply pull off? Once it is off are there any secrets to replacing the prop?



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    Hi Mark,
    Yes the prop is a press fit onto the gearbox shaft. You can carefully pull on it until it comes off. You'll press the new prop on in the same manner.

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    OK. The spinner was a press fit and I've just pulled it loose. But the prop is held on by a tiny little nut and washer. So I can see how to get that off.

    BTW - I folded the wing on the plane today during a loop. It came down like a wounded duck, but with no additional damage. I think that I'd damaged it a bit during a hard landing and now finished it off.

    New wing has been ordered and is on the way! I'm thinking about adding a thread or wire as a tension "strut" to give the wing a bit more support in that direction. Any thoughts on that idea??


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    Ah, they're using a threaded shaft now, that's even easier. The support string is good idea if you are horsing around with it. It won't add much weight but will increase the strength greatly.

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