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Thread: Slack in receiver antenna on Mini Super Cub RTF

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    Slack in receiver antenna on Mini Super Cub RTF

    I am brand new to RC aircraft and have just purchased and received a Mini Super Cub RTF. I notice that the wire antenna on the plane has a great deal of slack between where it exits the fuselage and connects to the top of the tail. Enough slack that the antenna sags down beside the fuselage. The included DVD also shows this slack on the plane.

    It seems to me that this should be taught, but perhaps there is a reason for the slack?



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    That's there just in case you have a less than soft arrival with the ground and the foam fuselage flexes. If it was tight, you could easily pull the receiver wire loose.

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    That makes sense. I've had a few "interesting" landings already, but the plane is flying great. I'm sure that I'll be ready for my next step up soon.



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    Good deal. Glad you're having fun. Check out the T-28. When you're ready, it's a great next step up. T-28 Trojan BNF from Hobby Lobby

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