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Thread: P-47 Wicked Wabbit Product Failure

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    P-47 Wicked Wabbit Product Failure

    I had purchased the P-47 Wicked Wabbit from HL online a few months back and having only about 6-7 successful flights, today while flying I lost complete control and it crashed.

    After preflight check and installation of fresh battery, I launched plane with usual ROG and was flying pattern at approx. 1/2 throttle. After making third pass, plane went into uncontrollable dive with no response in any control surface. Upon arrival at crash site, I was examining parts of wreckage and noticed ESC was unusually hot to the touch and all connections were still secure.
    There were no physical signs of failure to airframe or components except from impact.

    After returning to my shop, I tried testing the existing ESC in airplane and got no output. Swapping out ESC with a used one of mine and I had all control surfaces function, there was no motor function due to damage sustained from crash.

    Conclusion: ESC burnt during flight.

    Equipment used; Stock plane,ESC,motor,prop, and 3s 1800 mah lipo battery

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    Please contact me directly so that we can get this sorted out.

    Mike Hines (ext 207)

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