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Thread: Bulk Flex Cable

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    Bulk Flex Cable

    Years ago I purchased at bulk nylon conduit and flex cable (1/6 bronze color) from you. I also bought a bunch on end connectors and the like. Well I have finally run out of the cable. I thought it was maybe 15 or so long, could have been longer. I made many a throttle control cable from that material and now I need some more. I see the Dubro stuff, but it comes in short pieces, not bulk.

    I used to get a catalog from you when I lived in Arizona but have seen one in ages. I always enjoyed reading about the various bargains.

    So I am now in the market for such bargains again. Can I expect such good deals?

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    Hi, yes we used to sell that in a 20' section. Those are not available any more. The Dubro cable is the only options we have at this time.

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