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Thread: I purchased the B-17 9 o9, put one in as per the instructions. Three motor ran and

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    I purchased the B-17 9 o9, put one in as per the instructions. Three motor ran and

    I purchased the B-17 9 o9. I waited for the BEC to get back in stock and when it did, I ordered two. I put one in as per the instructions. Three motor ran and one started smoking. I pull the battery off and began to think and take the model wing apart to check wires and hookup per manual. Not finding any thing I disconnected the out side motor leads and swapped then side to side. First the right engine smoked then the left engine smoked with the wire change. Could this be a bad ESC? The ESC in question got real hot when the engines smoked. If you think the problem is with the ESC, is it a warranty replacement item? Please note that I was the first to review this B-17. Tomorrow, the most knowledgeable electric flyer in our club is coming over to see if he can help. Would you please see if you can help or replace what I think is the problem. Thanks

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    Sounds like a bad ESC or a short somewhere in the wiring. You'll need to call in a get our service folks to help out and replace the bad esc.

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    There are a couple of things that we need to check here. First we need to check that the motors are all spinning freely when there is no power connected to the airplane. It is important that when the props are installed that the retaining nut not be overtightened. If it is it can cause the motor shaft to shift forward and physically begin to bind. This will really cause a big spike in the amperage that the motor will draw and can easily lead to motor destruction. The speed control will get very hot due to the increased load that is being put upon it.

    I would like to get this sorted out and get you back in the air. Please call and ask for Mike.

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