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Thread: Problem with Lipo battery....

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    Problem with Lipo battery....

    Back in March (this year) I purchased a few Power Wing 2200 mAh Lipo batteries from your company (Part # YTB22003T with Deans connectors) and now one of them will not take a charge. I have two very good high-end charger/balancers and this battery will not take a charge no matter which charger I use.
    The rest of my Power Wing batteries continue to operate just fine. What should I do at this point? Return as defective using the form on your website?

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    Have you checked the cell voltages? That would tell you if you have a dead cell.

    Has it ever been in a crash? Deeply discharged? abused in any way? If the answer to all those questions is no, then you can use the form on our site and return the battery to be checked and replaced if covered under warranty.

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