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Thread: How to make the little Mig 15 faster?

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    How to make the little Mig 15 faster?

    How to make the little Mig 15 faster?

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    This jet is really designed around the motor it comes with. You could increase the KV with a different motor, but you would have to do some modifications to get it to mount properly. You could also use a higher C rated battery to increase some performance. A creative man with a hobby knife and some glue can do wonders in this hobby :)
    If you decide to upgrade, keep in mind you are limited to the amount of air travel through the duct. You can only turn the impeller so fast before it doesn't do any good.

    If you want to work with a higher KV motor then this is the 5000kv motor you could work with here. Don't forget to look at the amps! You might be in the market for a new ESC also.

    Hope this helps!
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