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Thread: have some questions about the Pro Boat motor control unit

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    have some questions about the Pro Boat motor control unit

    I am new to using modern radio control equipment and have some questions about the motor control unit by Pro Boat described on your website as:
    Waterproof ESC with Reverse: 4.8-12V

    Product#: PRB2314

    1) Can you confirm this unit can used with brush motors?
    2) Is it directly connectable to the channel outputs of a typical Futaba or other receiver?
    3) Confirm price and delivery charge to send to Spain (1 unit, delivery not specially urgent..)

    4) If answer to 1) is negative, please advise if suitable alternative with similar spec.

    NB your site suggested more info on this unit is available on the "Horizon Hobby" website but there I found no reference to it.
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    Hi, yes it is for brushed motors and does have a universal receiver connector. For shipping to your country, you will need to add it the shopping cart on our website and you can select your country and get the shipping costs before checking out.

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