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Thread: B-17 Motor Alignment Question

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    B-17 Motor Alignment Question

    I want to let you know that my Nine-O-Nine B-17 (order #103330-120606) arrived safely this past week. While examining the contents this weekend, I noticed that the propeller axis and cowl on all 4 motors are pitched down about the same amount (see attached photo). Iím wondering if this is normal, or if it might be due to some rough handling during shipment (there was no apparent damage to the box or packaging). If this thrust axis alignment is not normal, do you recommend that I try to loosen the screws and adjust the electric motor alignments, or return them for exchange?

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    do the motor shafts stick out in the middle of the cowls? If so then everything is normal. They need a fair bit of downthrust and that is built in. There is no reason to return or change anything there.

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    The propeller shafts are in the middle of the cowls (some are better centered in holes the black plastic cylinder faces than others, but all have clearance). See attached photo for the degree of down-thrust. Is this much normal - it appears to be more than shown in the photos on the box lid.

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    Yep, that looks just like ours. It's different when looking at it directly from the side like that.

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    Thanks Jason. I just wanted to make sure the down-thrust angle was normal before I started assemblying the plane.

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