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Thread: F9F Panther

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    F9F Panther

    Folks, I bought an F9F Panther that was stripped to the shell. I really like this plane and I'm restoring it. The problem I have is the battery/ servo tray. There is none. I could possibly make one but I would rather purchase the original one from You. I saw on You site You have most of the stock parts to get this beast in the air,but no tray. Is this tray available and if so how much..

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    Hi, that servo tray isn't available to purchase. The good news is that it's not that complicated to make if you have the tools to cut some lite plywood. It glues to the foam rails inside the fuse, so you can cut a piece of wood out with rough dimensions and then sand or cut to fit.

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    F9F Panther

    Thanks, Jason. I will make one. I was just being lazy. Looks like a nice bird.
    By chance would You know what model esc is used? All I can find is "35a esc" No specs. Thanks, TJ

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    It's a ZTW A series model ESC.

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    F9F panther battery box

    Thanks Jason, that's what I needed. You are an asset to Hobby-Lobby.. I hope they pay You well. Best Regards, TJ

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    I'm here to serve brother! Have fun.
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