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Thread: eFuel 20A

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    eFuel 20A

    On 03/07/2011 I ordered en eFuel 20A Power Supply, order number 74015-110307. It had being working great until yesterday, when I turned it on the LCD display was not working correctly, voltage and amperage numbers are not showing completely, just partially. I made output voltage measurement and it showed OK, so I preceded to apply some know load and also found that the amp side partially displayed the correct numbers.

    My conclusion that the LCD board failed, so I want to know if there is any way to get a replacement LCD board to avoid sending the unit to service, or what can be done?

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    Being that old it is certainly out of the warranty period. It's less expensive to purchase a new unit than it would be to replace that part. As long as it it still supplying power, you don't really need the screen.

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