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Thread: Broken 6RM receiver for Planet 5 Radio 2.4GHz Transmitter

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    Broken 6RM receiver for Planet 5 Radio 2.4GHz Transmitter

    Hello, I purchased The Planet 5 Radio 2.4GHz Transmitter for use one of my RC projects. It was worked for 5 mins , but then suddenly the receiver cut out and wouldn't turn back on again. I checked the voltage being applied from the "BEC" on the control board and it was giving a healthy 5.1 Volts. I cut open the cardboard surrounding the receiver and was unable to find any visible damage to the board and think that it may be defective and would greatly appreciate a repair or replacement of the receiver. I would rather have the receiver repaired, but leave that up to you. Thank you for your time.

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    Have you tried rebinding the receiver the the transmitter?

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