Last weekend I attended the fun fly at Piggott RC Modelers Club in Piggott, AR to display and fly my 12 FT Telemaster. They put on a really great Fun-Fly and they know how to grill some fine food.
On Sunday they had a full contact combat competition and an aerobatic competition. There is a great video of the combat on YOU-TUBE,


On the first flight of the Telemaster I dropped parachutes. The second flight was between the combat event and the aerobatic event and I did a candy drop. There were a bunch of spectators with kids so it worked out well. On landing I landed square on the box they used for the spot landing contest. I flew the airplane 4 times. My aerobatic routine consisted of a hammerhead, remember it's a Telemaster. I only have a few flights on the airplane and it seemed a little tail heavy. Hobby Lobby has a video of the 12 FT Telemaster with a recommended C/G at 7 inches aft of the leading edge of the wing. 7 inches for the C/G works out perfectly. I added about a pound to the nose and adjusted the elevator throws, what a difference! With a little power on landing it makes great wheel landings. With the addition of the 24 inch prop it also flies with more authority.
The plane got a lot of attention! Also there was Interest in the Go Pro camera mounted on the plane.
Thank you to all the fine members of Piggott RC Modelers Club for a good time and great flying experience. I'm looking forward to next year.
Al Larson
Memphis Propbusters