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Thread: Crazy Larry Loves the Hitec Aurora 9

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    Crazy Larry Loves the Hitec Aurora 9

    Here's what Crazy Larry had to say:

    Crazy Larry gotta try this.....the Hitec Aurora 9!

    Since the 2.4 revolution, I purchased and used radios that were compatible with the ever popular bind and fly planes and helis that are everywhere today. Years ago, on 72mhz, I flew many models on a Hitec Flash 5 radio. It was nothing fancy.....but I never had a glitch or failure of any kind, whatsoever; so I decided to try out Hitec's Aurora 9, 2.4 radio.

    On first impression, the appearance of the Aurora 9 transmitter does not have the futuristic look of some radios on the market today, but......all you need to do is pick it up! It just feels right in your hands and the ball bearing gimbals scream precision far beyond any of my other radios! This is one thing that you will notice immediately in flight; as things like throttle response are much quicker and very, very precise.

    And what a blessing to have the huge, clear, easy to read touchscreen (yes, you can finally forget your reading glasses!). And talk about being user friendly, the Hitec folks were smart enough to use open software that allows virtually any button, switch, or lever to be programmed for whatever function you wish! (I wonder why the other other guys did not think of this??)

    With 30 model memories, simple programming, and tons of options (including telemetry) the Aurora 9 is really an incredible bargain at the price. Try it.....yes, you will actually fly better!

    And did I mention that the transmitter will accept 2S lipos without any modifications??

    A good deal, and a very good radio. I'm lovin it!

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    Senior Member Jay Burkart's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Smithfield KY

    My Aurora is the best I have ever used

    I also have an Aurora, matter of fact I have had it for almost 3 years now.
    I bought one of the first ones to be on the market and got it from Hobby Lobby.
    I have flown at SEFF, Joe Nall and other fly inns and it has never ever missed.
    I also fly competition thermaling events and SAM Oldtimers in competition and have used it up
    to more than 3/4 mile away up in the sky during competition events verified by my on board
    altimeter and GPS.

    My whole SAM Chapter here uses nothing but the Aurora now due to my experience and findings
    of it's superior functionality.
    We now have all of them setup with full telemetry to be able to check the performance of our models
    for our competition events, mainly for picking props for best climb for our events.
    The basic telemetry built into the Aurora has save me more than once telling me that my Reveiver battery
    was sagging and letting me know that I had to land right away to avoid loss of control.

    A true Aurora lover,
    Jay Burkart

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