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Thread: V1 Telemaster mini (kit) instructions

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    V1 Telemaster mini (kit) instructions

    I ordered a micro Telemaster through the LHS a year or so ago. This would be my third one, first was lost training a friend, second had a midair with a profile. Anyway, I got a mini my mistake. I took the mini anyways and started building it. I had built the fuse sides and then stopped the build for or reason or another. recently I found the fuse sides and decided to start building it again.

    Now that I found the fuse, I can't find the instructions. I have all the plans, just the instructions are missing. If anyone would mind posting them for me it would be great. I'm sure I'll be able to do without them, just would be nice to have some reference.

    Thank you for any help ;)

    PS: This is the older V1 kit, not the newer V2.

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    Re: V1 Telemaster mini (kit) instructions

    Hi, Go to the old Mini Telemaster page here and click on the support tab. There you will find the PDF of the manual you can download.


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    Re: V1 Telemaster mini (kit) instructions

    Thank you for that. I looked under that tab, but mist have missed it.


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