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Thread: Finally. . . . !

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    Finally. . . . !

    Bought the Telemaster Plus over a year ago to be my first gasser. Put a Zenoah G20 on the front and a 24 oz. tank. Due to health problems I had to put off the maiden until today. Glad to report it leapt into air and only had to give it two clicks of trim. Flew it for almost 20 minutes on 1/3 tank of gas. Only needed about 1/3 throttle to cruise around the pattern. Did several T & G's and it floated right onto our paved runway. Did some on the grass also. Inverted, loops, and rolls were no problem. Haven't used the flaps yet. Amazingly I couldn't get it to stall. With the G20 throttle set right it would almost hover. Will continue to fine tune the CG so I can try the drop box. I am really enjoying this plane! :D
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    Re: Finally. . . . !

    Awesome, glad you like it!

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