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Thread: Sr Telemaster aerial photo

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    Sr Telemaster aerial photo

    I have attached some pictures taken with my GoPro camera attached to my electric kit built SR Telemaster. It has a bolt on two piece wing with no dihedral and wing struts, everything else is stock. I have an onboard altimeter that records the altitude and temp for each flight on a separate graph.The pictures were taken flying from Memphis Propbusters field Memphis, TN.
    I am planning on building a second Sr telemaster with a small gas engine to use for glider tow. That should make for some great pictures looking aft.
    With all the wind we have had here lately I still fly the telemaster. Last weekend we had winds at approx 10 MPS and the Sr Telemaster handled it just fine. Take offs were very short and landings were almost at a dead stop. Got to love a telemaster.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Air Photo.jpg   PROPBUSTERS.jpg  

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    Re: Sr Telemaster aerial photo

    Man that's pretty high. Can't wait to see the photos from the aerotowing!

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